Step 1 - Accounting Bootcamp
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Step 1 - Accounting Bootcamp

Accounting bootcamp session 1 complete. It was relatively basic and high-level, but it was interesting and informative, nonetheless. With very little accounting and finance background it's important for me to get reps.

Even though we met via Zoom, I was transported back to my undergrad. Students who speak up 10x more than others, students who go on a little bit too long with their responses, the teacher asking leading questions, dropping hints with tone, emphasis, and non-verbal cues. 4 hours went by fast and I did thoroughly enjoy being back in the "classroom" setting. I look forward to attending in person.

There will be long days and long nights and probably a few energy drinks here or there, but it will be a great two years, I don't regret the money I'll be spending. Many players on social media would tell you that an MBA is not worth it on a pure cost basis, but I'm already feeling like that is not true. "You can get a better education via Twitter threads," or "you can network on here and 10x what you'd get from an MBA." An MBA may not be for everyone, but seems like it's for me.

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