Practical Copywriting - Teardown
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Practical Copywriting - Teardown is a service that helps video content creators make money hosting their virtual cooking classes, yoga sessions, community meetups, or therapeutic drawing sessions. The embedded videos are playing, the calls to action are waiting, and the backlinks are linking. Quiet on the set. 🎥

The way I see things...

When I look at a landing page, I look at four key areas.

  • Audience Is there a clear audience and does the page speak to that audience?
  • Copy Is the copy concise, engaging, and is there a consistent voice?
  • Design Is the overall design functional, nice to look at, and accessible? How does it make me feel?
  • Calls to action Are there clear CTAs that demand attention and do what they say they are going to do?

Opening sequence

I am greeted by a full page looping stock footage of attractive people doing attractive people things. I read the headline, "Monetize your audience with a paid <insert event>" and immediately understand who the service is for.

Ditto recognizes that their target market is broad and does a nice job of providing examples of the diverse set of creators their service can help. The call to action is in active voice and jumps off the page. Well done.

Sending out an SOS

While reading the copy, however, I am distracted by the jarring transitions between the videos. In any other context it would be annoying, but given that Ditto is a platform dedicated to supporting video content creators, the negative impact is heightened.

The concept is great, but the flicker in the transition is painful and actually hurts the perception of the Ditto brand. Until the transitions are made smoother, throw the video overboard and go old school. Use a static image.

Money on my mind

Now that I have a good overall sense of how Ditto is going to help me cash in, I need to learn more. Scrolling down seems like a good approach, so that's what I do. feature 1

Just as I suspected. Another attractive person doing attractive person things. The headline for this section reads "Customized overlays for your livestreams." This gets straight to the point, but it misses the target. Remember what the headline said? Monetize. 💸

If the aim of the platform is to help creators monetize their videos, the feature descriptions, images, and copy must demonstrate how the product achieves that outcome.

Feature 1 headline old vs new
You know why users will benefit from your product. Hammer away at that point until they have no choice but to smash the CTA and convert.

Speaking of calls to action, the CTA should be relevant to the adjacent content. If I'm interested in this feature then I likely do not want to create an event just yet, but I do want to start customizing my own overlay.

CTA old vs new

Extra credit // the details matter

The careful observer will note that in the screenshot of the exercise video above, there is a young gentleman simply watching the stream and definitely not doing lunges. Seems a bit creepy. You may want to un-photoshop that one. 🤔

Do you even lift?

The next feature element has me questioning not only my personal hygiene and fitness habits, but also whether Ditto is made specifically for fitness trainers and coaches. If you are going after a broad set of use cases, make sure your examples are diverse to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. feature 2

As we'll see further down the page, there are real people using the Ditto platform. Instead of using generic photos, reach out to one of your users and request permission to spotlight their content. Although Mr. Muscles here definitely has abs, your potential customers will connect with real people and stories, not aspirational stock imagery.

Tying the CTA to the content applies here as well. I am not going to walk through copy or content changes on the "Beautiful website for your business" section because it should not be featured in this manner. Keep reading to find out why.

Know thyself

The website builder is neither your key value proposition nor your unique advantage. Since the feature is not yet available and is not part of your core feature set, move this to the "Other Features" section.

The ability to host and schedule videos, send reminders to attendees, and collect payment in one easy-to-use interface is the reason people will turn to Ditto. There are at least five hundred website builders in the market today, but none of them can compete with Ditto's core features and value proposition.

These are the features that allow your customers to monetize their video content. These are the features that will get you paid.

You focus on delighting your audience. We'll take care of all the boring stuff.

This is a great line and should be a section header just below the fold once I scroll past the hero video.

Nest the features under this headline to quickly and effectively lets your visitors know what the value of your product is and how you are making their life easier.

After reading this section I understand the feature set but it is not clear if Ditto acts as a consultant or provides a self-service SaaS tool.

Make sure the customer clearly understands what they're paying for.

Media badges are meant to establish credibility. By the time I see the media badges here, I've already scrolled through the entire page.

Media badges

Place them on or just under the hero and give those badges a chance to work their magic.

Show me how to Ditto

Testimonials are powerful, but they need to be personal. If you can get a direct statement or quote that will go a long way in providing social proof for the power of Ditto.

Finally, add a CTA to view the "All Events" page above the "A few creators using Ditto" section. The only way to navigate to this page currently is to click through one of the testimonials but showing people how real customers are using your product is the best marketing you can get.

What did we learn?

✔️Understand your audience and your key differentiators so you can highlight features that matter to your customers.
✔️Your first priority is to tell your customers how you solve their problems.
✔️Personal customer stories are far more impactful than stock photography and marketing copy.

What do you think?

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