The Journey Begins - Weekend MBA
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The Journey Begins - Weekend MBA

It has begun.

My journey back to school after seven long, winding, and unbelievable years. I've held six roles in three companies and three different industries. I've learned to manage people and teams, to run complex projects, and to build processes from scratch. I've learned how to navigate corporate politics and how to win the trust of my peers and managers. Now, I'm ready take my financial, accounting, and leadership skills to the next level.

The decision to go back to school has been in the making for five years. I originally planned to go back to school full-time as a "career switcher" - the summer internship between the first and second years is supposed to signal to employers that you have the experience necessary to completely switch fields or industries. I studied for the GMAT, got the score I needed and got into my school of choice. Then, life and the universe stepped in. Rather than attend school the following fall semester, I deferred one year to ensure my wife's green card application was not impacted. I deferred again the next year when the global pandemic hit (yet another world-shifting event to occur in my little millennial life).  

During those two years, I got so much older. I aged gracefully into my thirties, got married, quarantined, and lost my father. In 2021, I left a company after three years and accepted the consulting job I had been dreaming about. So, what do I do about that school admission waiting for me? Was it best to continue working and grow within this new role and company? Or should I go the full-time route and focus solely on school for two years?

That brings us to today. Today, classes haven't technically started, but a required course offered before the term kicked off. For four hours on a Friday night I will be locked into a Zoom with dozens of other anxious, excited, and tired peers who are committing to attend classes every other Friday and Saturday for hours on end, after working 8+ hour days.

The journey begins today. I will be chronicling different aspects of my adventure and hope that you will find value in my insights, commentary, and what I'm sure will include no small amount of venting.


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